Knowledge Framework for Behavioral Competencies and Attributes:
Attached below is a draft of a behavioral competencies for KM professionals.

Many of these behavioral competencies came from the TFPL Competency Dictionary and TFPL Skills Toolkit. I would encourage readers to go to the site and review the competencies and attributes and register to create your own Competencies Skills Spider Gram.

The posting of the TFPL Competency Dictionaries and Skills Toolkit set is by permission of Claire Valentine of TFPL. There are no restrictions on your use of the Competency Dictionaries and Skills Toolkit, except that they may not be used for commercial gain.

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Knowledge and Information Management Competencies

General Leadership and Management Competencies:


The attached list is from Stan Garfield:

KM Competencies and Knowledge Management Related Information (Denise Bedford)

The KM Competency Group has drafted 13 position descriptions for review and comments:

Position descriptions that have been developed for the KM Competencies Wiki at this early of a date may be premature, but could be used as a bolt on or additional resources later in the facilitation process. We are currently focusing on the development of Competencies Model and Roles and Functions for now.

There is no one set of KM Position Descriptions that perfectly matches every organizations view of KM. Therefore these should serve as a guide for the Behavioral and Technical Competencies that are developed through the respective groups.

The 13 KM position descriptions are a draft of some, but not all position descriptions that might be required for a KM environment. This is a work-in-progress and is open to participants of the KM Competency Wiki or other readers of the Wiki who want to offer suggestions, edits, and/or post comments or suggest other KM position description that are relevant to their organization.

The KM Competencies group started with Position Description KSAs to help define the competencies. These KM position description can serve as a guide to get others to discuss the competencies. Also as a foundation for others to use in their respective organizations as needed.

The Position Descriptions will be placed on individual Wiki pages so you can comment and edit as appropriate: CKO/KM Leader, KM Manager, KM Analyst, KM Researcher, KM Worker, CoP Leader, KM Communications Manager, KM Content Manager, KM Information Architect, KM Learning and Development Manager, KM Knowledge Asset Manager, KM Librarian, and KM Network Advisor


KM COMPETENCIES CoPThis is a wiki, it is designed to be changed, added to, and edited. This page is here for your useso feel free to edit text and place files as you see fit. Simply use the 'edit this page' button at the top. If you are not yet a member you will get a prompt asking to become one if you select the 'join' option at the top right. Once you are you will be free to edit any page on this wiki to share information and files.

Posed for KMEF Phases 1 & 2, and the initial starting position for Phase 3, KM Competencies CoP: "What competencies does today’s Knowledge Professionals need to lead knowledge organizations in the 21st century?" - 2011 Communique. At the On Site Event, "there was a rigorous discussion of the competencies aligned with" the four "functional areas" identified in response to question 1 (KM Functions CoP). "However, the dialog to date did not produce a definitive list." (See the 2011 Communique for the general consensus so far.

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CoP Action Plan and intent

The KM Competencies CoP will outline the conceptual underpinnings that support work KM field that will translate into what the training and education (T&E) will need to provide scaled to what level of profession desired. This undertaking will be a concerted effort with endstate of having a straw man for review by end of NOV2011.
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